Children's Ministry Project

Welcome to the Children's Ministry Project 2018/19. We are delighted that you have decided to utilise this project as part of your churches children's ministry this year. The Children's Ministry project is a great way of teaching your children the Bible, informing them about mission and encouraging them to raise money for a particular mission organisation! 

After you have watched the brief intro video above, we would encourage you to download and read our teacher's notes. These will help you navigate through the Children's Ministry Project 2018/19. Download our teachers notes by clicking here.


Session 1 - Beginning:

In this first session, we look at ‘beginning’ and see how Paul’s amazing journey began. We read in Acts 9:1-9 about how Paul first came to faith on the Damascus road. It was this transformation in Paul’s life that caused him to want to share the gospel with others. To download Session 1, Click here


Session 2 - Going:

In Session 2, we begin to see how Paul put his desire to share the gospel with others into action. After his saving experience on the Damascus road, he went around different places sharing it with other people. In Acts 16:6-10, we read of how he went to places like Phrygia and Galatia. Ultimately, God called Paul and his companions to go to Macedonia. To download Session 2, click here.


Session 3 - Teaching:

We read in Acts 16:11-16 about how Paul was able to share the gospel with her. This is ultimately the message that she needed in order to be transformed. This woman had, no doubt, tried many different avenues to find purpose. It wasn’t until she heard the gospel that she was able to be transformed. To download Session 3, click here.


Session 4 - Responding:

Paul’s amazing journey caused him to meet many different people. Not just people who were upper class and foreign like Lydia, but also people who were middle class and local, like the Philippian jailor. In Acts 16:25-34 we see how he responded to the good news message of the gospel. To download Session 4, click here.


Session 5 - Growing:

Paul wasn’t someone who lived the Christian life alone. In fact, in each of his missionary trips he was a part of a team. One member of this team, quite frequently mentioned in Scripture, is Timothy - a younger man in the faith. In 2 Timothy 1:3-7, Paul writes to Timothy towards the end of his life, encouraging him to grow in his walk with God. To download Session 5, click here.


Session 6 - Living:

In our final session, we will see the importance of living out the Christian faith. Christianity isn’t something which is limited to a Sunday or when we are with certain people. Rather, Christianity is something which affects every single aspect of our lives. It affects how we speak, how we think and how we act. Paul shows us this in Philippians 1:1-17. To download Session 6, click here.