Children's Ministry Project

Welcome to the Children's Ministry Project 2019/20. We are delighted that you have decided to utilise this project as part of your churches children's ministry this year. The Children's Ministry project is a great way of teaching your children the Bible, informing them about mission and encouraging them to raise money for a particular mission organisation! 

After you have watched the brief intro video above, we would encourage you to download and read our teacher's notes. These will help you navigate through the Children's Ministry Project 2019/20. If you would like to see an introduction to the project, click here.


Session 1 - S is for Suffering:

In this first session, we look at the reality of suffering in the Christian life. We will learn about the Israelites in the book of Exodus and how, in the midst of their suffering, God was with them and working all things together for his own glory. To download Session 1, Click here


Session 2 - E is for Everyday:

Having acknowledged the reality of suffering for Christians in Session 1, Session 2 will show us how Christian suffering is commonplace in the world today. Every single day, thousands of Christians are persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ. In the Bible, King Ahab was someone who persecuted the people of God. However, we will see how God empowered one of his servants, Elijah, in the midst of his suffering.  To download Session 2, click here.


Session 3 - C is for Christ:

Perhaps, after our first two sessions, you're children are asking the question 'why?' Why would anyone want to harm or hurt others. In session 3, we see that the reality of suffering across our world should not be a surprise. In fact, Jesus told us that all who followed him would face the same level of hatred that he did. Those who follow Christ should expect to be treated like Christ. To download Session 3, click here.


Session 4 - R is for Reward:

Surely all this suffering can not be worth it? Why would any follower of Christ wish to go through with it? Well, those who are Christians acknowledge that Jesus is worth suffering for. He is the one who ultimately saves us from sin and tells us there is a great reward for all who endure. In this session, we will be introduced to a man in the Bible who endured terrible suffering because he knew there was a great reward for him at the finish line. To download Session 4, click here.


Session 5 - E is for Engage

Persecution is something which we don't experience anywhere near as much as people in other countries. However, did you know that, even though many persecuted Christians live far away from us, there are ways in which you can help. In Session 5, we learn about a man in history who suffered for the gospel and think about how we can support the persecuted church. To download Session 5, click here.


Session 6 - T is for Trust:

In our final session, we will think about what we can learn from those who suffer persecution. What enables Christians across our world to endure such hardship? It is their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you trust the Lord Jesus? Have you accepted your need for him? If you are a Christian, are you continually seeking to grow in your faith? In this final session, we think about the importance of trusting Jesus in our own lives. To download Session 6, click here.